About Us

Old dragonfly pins or broaches with pearl in the center


At Jewlree, we're captivated by the magic of jewelry—the kind that spins tales and stands the test of time, reminiscent of the cherished pieces passed through generations. Drawing inspiration from the vivid, bold pieces gracing our parents' and grandparents' jewelry boxes, we embarked on a mission to curate a collection that encapsulates the spirit of enduring family connections and timeless beauty.

Our journey unfolds as a tapestry woven through time, where jewelry goes beyond mere accessories, becoming a chapter in the collective history of those who wear it. For me, Jewlree isn't just a business; it's a nostalgic trip back in time to unraveling my mom's collection—a treasury of stories, memories, and treasures. Those days of big, bold, and tribal pieces beside colorful, nature-inspired gems sparked my imagination. On my grandmother's dresser, an array of clip-on earrings and dainty rings and necklaces spoke volumes about simplicity and elegance. The inspiration deepened as I explored my grandfather's intricate fold-out jewelry chest, adorned with watches, rings, pins, and tie clips. It became clear—jewelry holds significance for everyone, transcending gender boundaries and inspiring a diverse range of tastes and styles.

Jewelry box with old jewelry on a dresserReflecting on the jewelry that shaped my childhood brings the essence of Jewlree to life. It's not merely a business venture; it's a passion project founded on the belief that jewelry is more than metal and stones. It's about crafting enduring memories and telling stories that withstand the test of time.

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Jewlree speaks beyond aesthetics; it whispers empowerment. Each piece is meticulously chosen to ignite confidence, kindle pride, and forge a deep connection to treasured memories. We offer quality, affordable treasures empowering you to express your unique personality and style.

In the spirit of enriching lives and embracing the joy of giving, Jewlree is on a mission to make a positive impact beyond the world of jewelry. As a brand that values community and connection, we're committed to spreading happiness in unique ways. Our journey extends beyond the selection of affordable yet stylish pieces; it involves creating moments of delight for those around us. Inspired by the enchanting stories woven into our jewelry, we're dedicated to giving back with surprise experiences and other creative endeavors, adding a touch of sparkle to the world. Join us in this exciting ride...in the joy of giving, where every act is a celebration of shared happiness, and stay tuned for the unfolding stories of how Jewlree is bringing smiles and surprises to the lives of those we encounter. After all, actions speak louder than words, and we can't wait to share these moments of happiness with you.

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Dear friend, our story invites you to join us on this journey. Jewlree isn't just a brand; it's a spark that adds radiance to your day and leaves an indelible mark on your memories. Welcome to Jewlree, where enduring style embraces timeless charm, each piece narrating a story of beauty and resilience.

Join us on this journey where jewelry is not just an accessory; it's a statement, a connection to your past, a reflection of your present, and a spark of your future.

Old grandmas costume jewelry box on a bright pink background