About Us


At Jewlree, we're more than just a jewelry store; we're a celebration of timeless beauty and enduring family connections. Our passion for jewelry is rooted in cherished memories of exploring our parents' and grandparents' collections, filled with vivid, bold pieces that told stories of their own. Inspired by these treasures, we've curated a collection that honors the spirit of those pieces, offering jewelry that stands the test of time and evokes a sense of nostalgia.

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Jewlree is dedicated to offering beautiful, lasting quality jewelry at affordable prices. We are committed to honesty and transparency, ensuring our customers receive exactly what they expect. Founded by a passionate female entrepreneur and single mom, Jewlree aims to empower women by providing them with confidence through jewelry that they love. Our goal is to make elegance and style accessible to everyone, without the hefty price tag.


  • Affordability Without Compromise: We believe in providing high-quality jewelry at near wholesale prices, avoiding the extreme markups seen in many traditional jewelry stores. Our pieces feature sustainable lab-grown moissanites and other semi-precious stones, offering the same beauty and brilliance as mined gemstones but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Honesty and Transparency: At Jewlree, we are dedicated to maintaining honesty in all our business practices. Each piece comes with detailed descriptions so customers know exactly what they are purchasing. We pledge never to misrepresent our products.
  • Quality and Durability: Our primary jewelry offerings are crafted from materials like sterling silver and stainless steel, chosen for their durability, shine, and hypoallergenic properties. We ensure that these pieces are made to last, so our customers can cherish their jewelry for years to come. Additionally, we do offer a selection of novelty jewelry at lower price points. These pieces are intended for fun, occasional wear and are clearly marked as such.
  • Empowering Through Elegance: We believe that wearing jewelry you love brings out confidence. Our collection includes a range of styles for men, women, and unisex tastes, ensuring everyone can find something that resonates with their personal style.
  • Education and Awareness: We are passionate about educating our customers on all aspects of jewelry, from understanding the differences between lab-grown and mined stones to learning about the environmental impact of various materials. Our blog and product descriptions provide valuable information on the quality, value, and sustainability of our pieces. We believe that an informed customer is a confident customer, and we strive to empower you with the knowledge needed to make the best purchasing decisions.


For Jewlree, success means achieving financial stability and long-term sustainable growth, which will enable us to give back to the community and help those in need. We aspire to build a family business that offers stability and pride for years to come, while also empowering others, especially women and single moms, to feel confident and valued.


We invite you to explore our collections, engage with us, and become a part of the Jewlree family. Together, we can create enduring memories and celebrate the stories that our jewelry tells. Visit our blog to learn more about our inspirations and journey. Follow us on social media, share your experiences, and connect with us directly. Your feedback and interaction help us grow and serve you better. Join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.


"At Jewlree, our mission is to provide beautiful, long-lasting jewelry at affordable prices, empowering every individual to feel confident and valued. Through honesty, transparency, and a commitment to quality, we aim to build a trusted community where elegance and affordability go hand in hand, creating cherished memories for years to come."