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Retro Chunky Cuban Curb Chain Necklace

Retro Chunky Cuban Curb Chain Necklace

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This Large Bold Chain Link Necklace is the latest trend in retro style. Women's and Men's affordable and durable fashion

  • 18K gold-plated Thick Stainless steel  
  • How to care for your Jewelry:
    Store Safely: Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place to ensure its lasting beauty.
    Polish Gently: Maintain its luster with a soft cloth for cleaning and maintenance.
    Keep it Dry: To ensure lasting beauty, we recommend removing your jewelry before activities such as swimming, heavy exercise, or showering, as moisture and dirt can impact its brilliance.
    Clean: Use mild soap and a soft cloth or  brush, dry thoroughly.
  • Measurements:
    Chain length: 17.5 in
    Extension chain length: 2 in
    Weight: 1.15 oz
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